Saturday, November 6, 2010


It has been soooo long since i have been here i thought i just better put fingers to keyboard and get something new up before my blog becomes totally redundant.

Life is a frantic flow of work with a little trickle of art at the moment.....That is not always a bad thing as long as there are times when life is a frantic flow of art with a little trickle of work.....And we do have our big five week (Christmas Holiday) approaching......full of promise.

It dawned on me how lucky i am to enjoy my job so much....even as difficult and challenging as it is....with my office sandwiched between the two deputies and across the hall from the head teacher welfare  and being the only woman of the four i am often called in to interview some of our more difficult female students and this week has been a real doosey (spelling anyone?).........With one student telling me and the deputy to do sexual acts to ourselves... another calling us racists......another telling us to suck on her "you know what" (go figure)....and last but not least being called a "*******" old B.I.T.C.H.'

The last one really hit home....'old'....'old'... !!!!at 46, I was more than mortified.

Anyway it was still a good week....and i do love my job....To put the above outbursts in perspective this week had some really great moments...... a student who i have been mentoring for a long time actually passed everything required to get her school certificate  (18 months ago it didn't look like she would even come close) unstreamed year 8 English class made it to the hall to do their yearly examination and not one of them got kicked our of the exam (yipee) year 12 students have been wandering in to get their leaving forms signed and to tell me how 'easy' the exam was (which in fact it wasn't....but ...confidance has to be a good thing right????probably not) but lovely just seeing their relieved faces............finally on top of all this i have just  heard i 've been given the  allocation to teach extension english for the hsc in 2011, (a coveted and somewhat closeted position at our school)...SCARRY ...and lots of work....

but TODAY i am off to the studio today to make some very youthfull looking art.
 ........just after i  do 30 minutes on the exercise bike and apply some makeup!!!