Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to work

Holidays ending is like saying goodbye to an old friend. You physically feel the loss and a mild melancholy slips over you... a deeper version of Sunday afternoon blues. I'm glad it has happened, because like all unwanted anticipations the event itself is far less traumatic than the build ridiculous does this sound? Of course it is not that bad. What I'm really going to miss is not the holiday but the 'making' that my holidays entail - books and knitting at the moment....sometimes I 'work' harder on holidays than when I'm at 'work'...and I love an old friend.

First day back today. Pupil free day - lol. The layers of meanings embedded in that phrase are infinite and somewhat ironic. Needless to say they are a waste of time, (the days not the pupils). Not really but .....what is a teacher without a pupil? Probably someone in a meeting listening to a bunch of other teachers talking about how to better engage the 'pupil'....and the lucky little buggers are off running free.

During one of the workshops today boredom induced rebellion led to me fantasising about making a book. The bookclub workshop proposed by doubleelephant manifested itself on the back of two coasters (the only blank writing space available at the local bowling club0. I have set myself the challenge of photographing them and putting them on this blog for tomorrow. hopefully this will be the start of documenting the process of producing the books for the exhibition.
Gotta run now. Wag the Dog lesson preparation is waiting. The pupils can't be left to run free for too long.

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