Sunday, March 21, 2010

Books ready to mail

I have got my BAO books ready to send out....finally. Will put them in post hopefully tomorrow... but no is crazy at the moment and didn't surface at all during post office hours last week....but will definitely aim for tuesday at the latest... here are some photos.....

turkish map fold format


  1. OK, now I'm all excited! It was such fun getting Ronnie's book in the mail, and now I can look forward to receiving yours too - and your photos are fab so I can't wait to see it. Fingers crossed tomorrow isn't TOO frantic and you make it to the PO, Sara x

  2. such excitement here at the creek! I'm in awe that with all you've got on your plate at the moment you've got these finished - can't wait to fondle them!

  3. I've been a-fond-ell-ing your lovely creation!

    I adore the wabi-sabi presentation.... the silky feel of the thread binding starts a lovely journey

    and the form is so lovely for the content

    thanks so much (what a treasure)

    stay sane

    xxxx ronnie

  4. These photos look so beautiful! Can't wait till mine arrives.

  5. I'm pleased to say mine arrived today! I'd been in a silent panic all week, worried in case I hadn't given you my new postal address but it turns out I'm more organised than I'd thought and I did, and it was wonderful to unlock my PO box this morning and find your beautiful (and beautifully wrapped!) book in there. I treated myself to a celebratory cup of coffee in a local cafe so that I could spread it all out on the table and look at it, because I couldn't wait to get home first! Thank you very much indeed, Sara x

  6. Marvelous Monday! Your lovely book arrived today. Thankyou.
    And I should also say that it arrived unscathed, which is not always the case.

    There may be a chuckle or two when my books go out...

  7. Sorry for the delay in thanking you -- the book is wonderful, and arrived just in time for my book class on Craft in Art, and the students were suitably impressed! For the record, I also showed Sara and Ronnie's books too... very useful examples of working to a theme!

  8. Cheers everyone. thanks for the nice comments!

  9. Sorry for the delay but my mail has been sitting in a huge pile waiting for me to come home from NZ. And what a thrill to get your beautiful book, so gorgeously wrapped I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I would be able to re-wrap it, but commonsense took over and there it was! Just lovely! And I did manage to re-wrap it, of course. I love the construction, and the printing. Thank you so much for this delightful addition to our project. I'm off again this morning for about a week but when I return I'll finish my books and get them into the mail.