Sunday, June 6, 2010


It has been too long since i've said anything here that I am just putting fingers to keyboard so  it actually looks like the blog is not defunct. 

Work is getting crazier by the day and I am beginning to wonder if I made a mistake becoming a head teacher.  I did know what I was in for, and most of the time I do enjoy it but i am tired and overworked and getting frustrated....the holidays are not far away and I'll be able to regroup  and do some making. 

I have made very little lately and am looking forward to the next BAO project to spur me on. .....

I did knit a little teddy bear last night while I was watching, my only compulsory television since American Idol finished last week,  - Doc Martin and The Bill.

He was fun to make and is knitted in one piece with a fold at the top of the head and seams sewn down the side of the  body. You can find the pattern here.

Here he is with the fruit and veg and a scratchie that won $9 - ( Yes, I did resort to gambling as an alternative retirement plan!! and Yes, $9 is going to last for about 2 seconds,   so.......... i am going back to work on Monday )

Here he is on the window sill watching me wash up......lazy teddy!

Here he is with oldest son,Jack's  thermos, ready to head of to work.....plumber teddy!

 Here is a photo of teddy with a picture of Louis  (youngest son) who is off to the snow to work next week....cold teddy!!!

Here he is in my sifter.....baking teddy!

And finally here he is playing the guitar .........Teddy Santana!!!

I hope this counts as a blog post!! Really a lot of nonsense I know but.....

 it has stopped me worrying about work for a while ................but I better get off and do some for now.   
I am promising to post a book next week!!!

cao for now.  


  1. Ooh! More lovely "stick trees" as you call them.
    And a knitted teddy bear. Don't knock it - I'm sitting here knitting things for trees! (Well, it's for the Guerilla Knitting which is Artspace's contribution to this year's Arts Festival.)

  2. Makes me feel like knitting something - must be catching. Dear little teddy, very active, living life to the full.

  3. Greetings,

    Television over the summer is usually a bore, for that matter even the rest of the year. But then there is PBS and shows like Doc Martin, Mystery and Masterpiece Theater that provide sanity.

    Doc Martin is a wonderful show and I love seeing the landscape of Port Wenn.

    I love your teddy and all the different places you have photographed him.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  4. AA little creative respite! Love the way Mr Teddy has posed in all sorts of different places!