Sunday, August 29, 2010

the walking track at the back of my place

the walking track at the back of my place hugs the coast and leads the eye south to the antarctic.  yesterday it felt like the southern ocean lives right on my doorstep with ripping winds and icy ocean spray tearing up the cliff face.  i couldn't resist getting the camera.
 i realized i haven't given much of a description of where i live - here it is......

to the north

to the south

down into the sea

south again

The track was made a few years back (by a local man, as a community project he undertook instead of going to jail). At times it loops dangerously close to the cliff  but offers mesmerisingly beautiful views of the seascape that forms the eastern boundary to the town. 

 If you turn west from any of the above scenes you face about 50 metres of  tea tree which acts as a buffer between the ocean the township of Tathra - about 1600 of us. 

on the other (more fashionable) side of town a beautiful, safe family beach with pristine surf and sand is sheltered in pretty bay.  but i love my side of town with its jaggered wild outlook.


  1. and I heard reports that a whale calf was born over the weekend - mother and newborn baby were sighted close to the shoreline near here...... as if the views needed further enhancement eh?

  2. What a beautiful place. Somehow I've missed visiting Tathra, which strikes me as being very careless. I can understand why you love your wild outlook, stunning views in all directions.

  3. You live in such a beautiful area and I like the thought of living on the wild side.

  4. Wow - that looks like the view from my mum and dad's old house - Dilkera Rd. We used to walk that path often and also check for whales - mum kept a whale sighting book so we could compare year upon year. If you sighted one you couldn't yell out until you had seen it twice and then all rushed up to search the sea. It's a special place.

  5. Hi Ida...I am completely in awe of your views. I can't tell you how amazing it is for me to see where you live. I am surrounded by houses on a housing estate! To be fair I do have woods and fields not far away and the joys of London. But this? This is where I would be operating at my optimum as a human being! As for whale sighting? I think I would die of happiness if I saw one. You lucky lot. I am, as we say in Essex, well jell. (that's jealous to the rest of the world)