Friday, December 18, 2009

The Garden

Having been on leave this term one of my aims was to get stuck into the garden.  I took a walk early yesterday morning, camera in hand, hoping to capture the hardwork and ultimate reward of cucumbers and zucchinis and pots of flowers and herbs. 

The beauty, however, seemed to lie in the haphazard arrangement of gardening paraphenalia, ............


raku pots

empty containers

a family of bins and barrows hanging out with the wood.

I know I am accidental gardener...I very rarely remember the names of what I plant ...I plant seeds out of season....I prune to soon or late....forget to feed the citrus and I make it endure weeks(months) of neglect when my focus takes a different turn. 

Maybe that's why the piles of detritus are the truly impressive objects growing amongst the plants...

...appearing amongst the rocks.


  1. haa haa - I SOOOO know how this feels (and looks) if your photos included broken bikes and trikes and tonka trucks and dolls heads it could be my place!

  2. I love gardening just about more than anything else but I do it in such a haphazard way that it's a miracle (a non-religious one) that so much thrives. The constant rain means I have a million weeds but I suppose I'll get to them when they've had a bit of time to get bigger.