Monday, July 12, 2010

op shop books

I have had a wonderful time scouting the local op shops while I've been on holidays and mostly scoring books. 
I always plan to cut them up and sometimes I do but i must confess i've become a bit of a book horder and I've got a feeling these new additions will not be made into anything in the near future.

Check out this wonderful old collection of encyclopedias.(sorry about the photo) Now i know they are a dime a dozen but these are a real treasure - 1934 - The Modern World Encyclopoaedia - 8 volumnes -
with some really fabulous line drawers scattered throughout.

They remind me of the projects we use to do in primary school - something I use to love doing.  Not much 'higher order thinking' (one of the buzz phrases in educational circles at the moment) but lots of fun and I suspect a fair bit of learning was accidentally happening....I can feel a project coming on!!! could be a great idea for a book without actually cutting them up.  some of you might remember when photocopiers first made their way to school libraries and some (kind) teacher use to photocopy pictures for our projects, they were shiney and the paper slippery  and when coloured with  textas glowed like some dead sea creature...weren't they great!!.

Another book I found today at the Salvos in Bega was a copy of Mother Gooses Nursery Rhymes.  some of them are a real laugh, mainly because of their political incorrectness. Thank god for mother goose, although I don't think youll find too many parents, now days, reading the following to their little darlings. ....tut, tut, tut.

some I had read before,although i don't remember the second stanza of Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater......

but others were new to me....


and i dare anyone of you to explain that a Dick Redcap is actually a riddle
 ....and keep a straight face

Happy mother goosing till next time....there are plenty more!!!


  1. classic mother goose!

    and classic encyclos (as you'd come to expect by now - I've got a few of these same pretty sets - but always ready to add to my collection!)

    may both bring your hours of fun (but maybe NOT for all the family....dick redcap?...... a cherry? hmmmmmmmmm)

  2. Greetings Ida,

    I know the feeling as I myself have a stacks of old books piling up in different parts of the home, believing that one day I shall actually remove a page for the creation of a collage.

    In the meantime enjoy the books as they certainly help fuel your creative mind.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  3. Hi, Jane. I saw your comment at BAO about making(or not!) boxes.
    I've revised my thinking and will now get a strong cardboard box, like those Post Office ones, seal it well so it wont leech lignins, then cover it with ...something. Paste papers, fabric. Not sure yet.
    but that may be an easier route for you if you don't want to make one.