Sunday, July 25, 2010

painting at tafe

I have started doing an evening art course at tafe  with Veronica O'Leary  teaching (this link shows two of Veronica's paintings if you scoll down).  I did a similar course with Veronica 2 years ago and it was great fun and Veronica is a wonderful teacher.  When i turned up to the class last week we were given a painting by Matisse to use in our first activity so you can imagine my excitement - it already matches my new blog banner!!!  i haven't got far with it yet but want to share some of my favourite Matisse images.




  1. You must be chuffed! Back in my bedsit days I had 2 Matisse posters on the wall - the "Green Face" and the "Ornamental" which is second from the top in your line-up.

  2. have fun! I entertain dreams of maybe one day doing a ceramics or printmaking something....... one day.....

  3. Great course to be doing. And thanks for the link to Veronica's painting. It was a treat just scrolling down to find her, and a gallery I'll definitely visit if I get down that way.