Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Have had a bit of a break on the 'isms'. mainly because i've been getting ready to go back to school - but i have still been heading off into web world in a random sort of look into cubism.  this will probably be my last 'ism'  for a while..other things are calling particularly some work on BAO ..and some work on 'teaching and learning'.so here goes.

10 things about cubism:
1.Denial of classical conception of beauty
2.geometrical analytical approach probably a direct influene of Cezanne who is said to have said "....artists should treat mature in terms of the cylinder, the sphere and the cone..."
3.rejects the concept of perspective asa a sign system taken from the Renaissance.  (I particularly love this, it relates very much to the post structuralist stuff we teach advanced kids at school. In other words if you don't have the 'language' you don't have the meaning.)
4.the cubists looked to 'primitive' art for the new 'language'
5.There were different stages of cubism
6.Analytic(c1907 - 12) - pulling things apart, showing objects as the mind sees them (not the eye)
7.Synthetic (1913 - 1920's) -combining objects, reducing things, collage, limited neutral palette
8.Nice quote by Picasso "Painting is a blind man's proffession"
9. Another nice quote by Picasso - "It takes a long time to become young"
10.Loved collaging with found objects - brought collage into the circle of fine art.

Picasso 1921

Picasso  - the Guitar player - 1908

Oh yeah ,I forgot to mention the love guitars and mandolins!

Reading about cubism has been a lot like reading about the pre-raphaelites - I have given myself permission to really like it ...like I did when I first saw a 'Picasso' (in a book of course) probably when i was about 14....and thought it was so clever...and then I sort of moved past it...good to back and think things are nice just because they are.
Braque 1910 - guitars with flute

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  1. I remember getting in strife with mRotten for my overly long and detailed account of all things picasso in some or other art exam..... i still remember one thing he wrote (and it wasn't a compliment) 'you write like a 40 year old woman who is about to faint from desire'.... imagine writing that on kids stuff today!

    ps love collage

    love braque more than picasso (who in the end was a bit of a bastard really) and gris - don't forget gris!... and you can see how cubism influenced so many things - to this day eh?

    (ps - I hate how we jam post modernism and post structuralism down youngens throats these days..... & I hate hate hate the NSW vis arts cirriculum HATE it I say!)

    good luck with all the other work - see you back with your 'isms' real soon I hope....