Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My heart is going out to everyone in Queensland.

I am sharing a photo of my husband's family.  They were farmer's around Leongatha in Victoria in the 40's 50's and 60's.  Bill is the little grub sandwiched between his mother - Jess and his grandmother Myrtle on the front seat, with two spinster aunts hovering on the backseat for good measure. I think you can just see his brother poking out from amongst the bountifulness of the aunts while their father Ron was no doubt taking the photo. (circa 1962)
I love this photo especially as we only came across when clearing out the family home after
Ron passed away 3 years ago. There were hundreds of slides and Bill painstakingly went through every one and scanned the ones he loved the most. It has so many wonderful aspects to it:  Myrtle's profile - such a wonderful pose, Jess's generous, relaxed smile and her army coat but particularly Bill's cheeky grin escaping from between mum and nanna. Not to mention the WWII jeep and the profile of the cows on the hill in the background, wondering what on earth is going on. 
It always makes me smile and I hope it brings a little bit a smile to you right now.
Take care everyone!


  1. Wonderful photo. We certainly need to be cheered on this day/week of such devastation.