Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Book art inspiration

Didn't get back to take that photo of my idle scribbles. Nevermind I promise some photos this weekend.
Am really excited about the bookart project. It will be a great opportunity to make books and develop my blog. And what a lovely poem. Each time I read it I gather something else from it.

At the moment i am linking it to an accordion style binding with linoprint and sewn thread. But this is just one of many thoughts jumping around my skull. Very simple and stripped back....just like the poem. But I'm sure before I'm finished a number of ideas will compete for their chance to be the finished books on my desktop.

I have been making stab bound books using some lovely silk thread I bought at the Sturt Winter School and I keep wondering how these could be incorporated into the project. Half the fun is in imagining and planning what you will do.

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