Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the HSC and making excuses

Have you ever helped a child prepare for the HSC?
The trial started yesterday - and the weekend was spent cajoling, bribing, begging, swearing, crying, tempting, indulging, eating, drinking and finally collapsing in an exhausted heap. (I am talking about me and not Louis our second son who is about to be blooded on the altar of exams).

I remember all too clearly that sickening feeling growing in your stomach as you approach the hall armed only with a felt tip pen and a bottle of water. Problem is Lou doesn't seem to have the sickening feeling. Not only is there no sense of desperation he seems to think theyare going to test him on Nascar playstation and the content of a bizarre You Tube instead of As You like It Kenneth Slessor and Jane Austen. mmmmm.

If I have said the phrase "after all it is your HSC" once (in a very nurturing tone of course) I have said it a thousand times............Yes I am at great risk of turning into my mother.

I challenge anyone who has been the 'mother of a HSC student' to say they have not had a moment of parental regression. No?.....really?....think again. Do the following sound familiar?
'stop thinking about it and just get on with it'
'you have had all year to do that'.....
'no you can't go to the pub'

Yes he is 18, legally able to vote, fly a plane and marry multiple women in Utah. I suppose i should be greatful he asked actually asked if he could go to the pub.

Can yo u see now why I was exhausted? And this is just the trial. I promise to remind myself that yes, this is his HSC and to move on.

After all this has been one big long excuse for not getting any photos on this blog. (Lou is my digital/techno assistant). Sorry....next weekend I promise.

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