Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh i sound so vague. Reading back over my last posting ..... crazy ramblings of a mad women.......

The poem I'm talking about is one chosen as inspiration for a book art exhibition. Please follow the link to bookartobject to read it. It is by Rosemary Dobson and very beautiful. It is called Learning Absences and has beautiful words one after the other that gives a glimpse into loss. It ends like this......

"...At night, at this season, lingering at the window Not being certain where to find Halley's Comet, And looking a long time at the darkening sky."

It makes me think of all the things I would no longer be able to find or remember to do if I was left alone. Very moving.


  1. Hello! I clicked on the link Sara has on the communal blog and have read back a few posts. Seems we have other things besides books in common...I garden sporadically these days,dabble in printmaking, but now bake very little and very seldom!
    Looking forward to this exchange project and getting to know the other members.

  2. Hello, I found you too through our communal blog and I'm so pleased that we are making a little community of Australian binders/printers/makers.
    I'm mulling over ideas, very vague at the moment but I think I'll start making some models to get myself started.